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When the Crue was new

POP CULTURE: The rock band Motley Crue ( says they formed in '81) played the Country Club on Feb. 10, '81, eight months before the release of their first album -- and some bootleg recordings have made it to the auction site where -- as of this writing -- $15 buys a CD. When that link dies, there's this. The set list for the 50+ minute show was "Black Widow," "Running Wild in the Night," "Live Wire," "I Will Survive," "Run for Your Life," "Hotter Than Hell," "Chip Away at the Stone," and "Wreck Me."

2 things: A heavy metal treatment of the disco-era "I Will Survive" has to be worth hearing and singer Vince Neil singing "Wreck Me" is sadly ironic considering his '84 car crash that killed a friend.

It's not the last time the Crue overlapped with Reseda.

In a bit of esoteric corporate business parody, the Metafictional Blues blog twists its joke about the acquisition of Zen. Here's the Reseda/Motley Crue reference excerpted from an imagined interview with the pending new management of Zen, with a few extra exchanges for context:
JE: Interesting. Why Zen?
CT: Why Zen? That’s exactly the question we’re asking.
JE: heh
CT: As an aside, I did want to mention that we’re making Michael Bolton grow *back* his mullet.
JE: I think that’s an excellent plan.
CT: I think it’s going to be key to our new strategy.
JE: Will he also be releasing any new albums?
CT: Well we’re hoping he can focus on the business and the mullet for now, but we’ve been in talks with the Crue for a collaborative project. Not to be confused with a multiple media project.
JE: Right, of course. Is this in any way related to Vince Neil’s turn on reality television?
CT: Not really, we’ve been working independently. Actually it’s a funny story how this all happened (laughs), we were in Reseda and saw Vince in a bagel shop wearing only some zebra print bike pants. We did talk a bit but just small talk – our families, skeet shooting, etc. – it wasn’t until later that we realized we both had new projects in the works. (laughs)
JE: (oh man hahahaha) It’s funny how things work out sometimes, huh? Well, I’m sure that your acquisition of Zen is certain to shock some people within the Mergers and Acquisitions world – are you prepared for any backlash?
CT: Always – What I’ve learned in all my years in this business is that a lot of people won’t like what you do. But then, a few months from now, they’ll be buying up Zen, just like everyone else.
JE: Do you have anything to say to those who might argue that Zen is a nonmaterialistic religion?
CT: (chuckles) Well, I think that’s what Zen has always wanted you to think, while it picks your pocket as you Ohmmm your way to the nuthouse. What we’re trying to do is to put everything out in the open and make it a conscious choice. Like Coke or Nike.