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Reseda Rebirth

MAKING THE MEDIA: The Daily News Editorial Board is for it ... :
Community members are pinning a lot of hope on the Reseda Theater as they seek the economic resurrection of the surrounding Sherman Way commercial district.

But why not? It happened just down the road in Canoga Park with the renovation of the Madrid Theatre.

Indeed, if any one thing can spark the revival, it would be the reopening of the theater after nearly 20 years. It will take a lot of work, and some serious
investment by the city, which owns it. But the payoff - a renewal of the Reseda neighborhood's commercial core - would be well worth it.

... in their own soft-peddled way.


Daily News gives Reseda update

MAKING THE MEDIA: Daily News gives Reseda an eye.

More will appear here later

Photos by Tina Burch


Mom grabs molester

CRIME: From the L.A. Times comes a story of a mom getting proactive:
A mother's trip to a Reseda laundromat ended in her capturing a man suspected of sexually assaulting her son in an alley behind the coin-op, police said.

The suspect, Rafael Manguia Magana, 40, of Reseda, was arrested about 9 p.m. Sunday behind the laundromat in the 7600 block of Reseda Boulevard, said Kevin Maiberger of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Magana, who has no prior record, was booked on suspicion of lewd acts upon a child, and remained in custody Monday on $100,000 bail.

Report includes detail of a 13-year-old grabbed, an 11-year-old hiding, the boy's escape, then both telling the victim's mom and other boy's guardian, then the adults capturing the suspect.

Google satellite pic shows there's no alley behind that stripmall with the coin laundry in the 7600 block of Reseda Blvd.


Freedom to run for Assembly

Ex-RESEDA: Clark Baker, former Resedan, has decided to run for the 42nd District Assembly seat held by Paul Koretz(pdf bio), who's being termed out. He writes the Ex-Liberal in Hollywood blog and IDs himself as a Libertarianish Republican.

Walking in Reseda, nobody walks in Reseda

WEB FIND: L.A.-based photoblog Walking In L.A. has never walked in Reseda:
Your keyword(s), reseda, appeared on the following pages:
Sorry, No Pages Were Found With Your Keyword(s).

But if blogger Neil Hopper had, it would have looked much like this in parts, and some parts much better.

Blog's name is a reference to the song "Walking In L.A." by Missing Persons.


It's a given name

WHAT'S IN A NAME: Local Christmas tree recycling efforts have concluded. As they have in Decatur, Georgia, where Reseda Johnson is the local recycling coordinator -- so says Emory Chase Condominiums group.

Speaking of that, this: It's an asteroid.
It's a fragrance.
It's a shoe.
It's an ink.
It's a pollen speck.


Tangled web

MYSTERY: In a solitary post, on a blog seemingly catalyst by the situation he posts about, Angel tells a tale that picks up at ... well, he should say:
Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that I am also a hyper-sensitive person and now what that means if you mean me harm or good it does not matter I feel it , kind of a sence really.

Anyway the last time I filed a complaint against my manager NICOLE THE DRUNK, when I was riding my bicycle home from my martial arts workout (KUNG FOO SAN SOO RESEDA) I all of a sudden felt that NICOLE THE DRUNK had been in my apartment.

You see I all of a sudden I just know that she was there and for the rest of my almost 10 mile ride I can not wait to get home as I am certain that something really bad had been done and NICOLE THE DRUNK was behind it.

So when I got home I could smell gas eminating from my apartment from at least 6' or so from the door(still closed) GASS.

Story suggests a murder attempt. It's the only post. He seems to be fond of roma tomatoes too.


Local girl makes TV and movies

Ex-RESEDA: Lisa Bonet, one-time Reseda High student, had a pivotal role in "Enemy of the State" -- which says is on TV tomorrow (links to month-by-month TV schedule) at 8pm on ABC.

Known for "The Cosby Show" and "A Different World," the actress was smokin' in the notorious "Angel Heart" (a + review and a - review) and "High Fidelity" which annoyingly ignores her smokin' version of Peter Frampton's "Baby I Love Your Way" on the movie soundtrack.
All I wanted to hear was Lisa Bonet's cover Of Baby, I love your way! How can you leave out a such an important part of the story. Soundtracks are to leave an impression of the movie... Good samples... but I wanted more.

Her "Hot" photo in Rolling Stone, that was smokin' too.

Next up: "Whitepaddy."


Reseda is

WEB FIND: There's alot of mystery behind what a Googlism of Reseda is:
Googlism for: reseda

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Reseda Theater update

NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL:, with its Flash 7.0 mandatory requirement and its unlinkable text, says the Reseda Neighborhood Council meeting tonight at 7p.m. at Canoas will contain a Community Redevelopment Agency update on the Reseda Theater.

Meeting is tonight instead of Monday because of MLK Day.

: The Reseda Theater


Local boy Amazons good

WEB FIND: Resedan adgblue (Armen D. Grigorian) has written, as of this writing, 35 reviews for
I love books, music, art, and anything with any aesthetic charm!

Which includes Guns'N'Roses. In his review (from Jan. 3, 06) he relates:
About a couple of years ago, I was lucky enough to meet Axl by chance at a cigar shop in Santa Monica, CA. Long story short, I had a two hour conversation with him about music, G'n'R, about his new music, other musicians and much more. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable about musical instruments, music in general and about anything that we talked about. Axl was down to earth, intelligent and very cool - nothing like what the media has portrayed him to be. I got to ask him the questions that I wanted to know and I will never forget our conversation.

Previously with Axl.

WEB FIND: was once in the hands of someone who had links to a tourist resort island in the Phillipines (and was asking, if I recall, about $600). Now a site appears.
Thank you for you interest in this domain. Please read below carefully and complete our online request form. This domain has a value of at least $888.00.


Long way

MAKING THE MEDIA: By way of the Washington Examiner, an Associated Press photo captured a Resedan to illustrate a "day after Christmas" feature from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Donna Prince, of Reseda, Calif., casts a shadow across the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Thursday as she puts messages on a Christmas tree. Kevin Wolf/AP

Long day

CULTURE: That Tom Petty song, with the "freeway runnin' through the yard..." It's texure for the day today at My So Called Life in New York City and it's song of the day, yesterday at Who I Am ... Hates Who I've Been from Wisconsin and the day before at As Told By Moi. Moi being Lena from "somewhere in California." About Lena: "The Beatles, Ben Harper, Billie Holiday, Bonnie Summerville (?), Beastie Boys," are the first five of a list a few dozen names long that's just as diverse, but doesn't include Mr. Heartbreakers himself..
tells the story of "Free Fallin"

Tom Petty takes on yet another one of his small-town, slice-of-America stories. As for the melody, it was producer Jeff Lynne ...
Petty claims in his liner notes to the box set Playback that this is yet another one of his songs with lyrics that fell out in a tumbling, stream-of-consciousness first take. ... Petty relates a story about the lyric, "the vampires walking through the valley": Axl Rose asked him, "Where did you get that line about the vampires in the valley? When I'm driving I sometimes see these shadowy-looking people just off the sidewalks." Petty didn't offer up an answer. ... a high-rotation video on MTV that captured the free-spiritedness of adolescent life depicted by kids on a skate ramp, ...

Previously: Third item makes a geography point; pity no Petty; other misc. music with a reference to that and skateboarders


Weather outside: Delightful

PICTURE PERFECT: Note the date, and the sky, in the photo on Currently This by blogger Transient. That's Dec. 28 with skyblue skies, looking north from the drive-thru of a curiously renowned Starbucks. For reasons that aren't exactly obvious, post is an excuse to rag on Parking Enforcement Officers, who get no respect anywhere:
A Toronto man is facing charges in connection with an attack on a parking enforcement officer. Police say the officer was writing tickets when a man approached him from behind and pushed him. The man then grabbed the officer's hat and fled on foot.

Being none too swift, other officers witnessed it and caught the 25-year-old.

::: Ed. note--- Though at this writing, it's the day after a perfect day after a rainy Jan. 2nd Rose Parade. Mid 70s dry blustering weather, air crisp like celery and as refreshing as a summer swim. Those readers from elsewhere (Toronto for example: "Morn 3°C, Aft 4°C, Eve 3°C" --does not include wind chill factor), sorry. :::

: That Starbucks, though the only working link referring to the "incident" puts it in Northridge.


Demon misses deadline

TV'S A MEDIUM NOT A MEDIUM: Ya want predictions, go to Nostradamus (The exit from Paris quatrain, 9-20, for example). Fansite named Trinity of Iniquity provides the proof that TV's no good for prophesy. Trinity's focus of inquiry is the TV series "Angel" (A "Buffy" spinoff which itself was a huge movie adaptation ::: Ed. note--- "M*A*S*H" notwithstanding, it's not a long list::).

Angel and Wesley are researching demons, and:
Wesley: Here's something.
Angel: What is it?
Wesley: The beast of Amalfif, a razor-toothed, six-eyed harbinger of death. No, wait. That's due to arise in 2003, in Reseda.
Angel: I would have guessed, Tarzana.

Why's everyone bagging on Tarzana?


You can take the boy out of Reseda...

Ex-RESEDA: New blogger from the UK, K420 in his By The Left blog, introduces himself with a tale of family drama and a Reseda link:
Lived in Reseda, LA till I was 5 when we moved to England cos my mom (never can write mum even though I now have an English accent) was homesick. Lived in Preston till I was 10 when my mom and dad did the whole split up thing with a twist.

Story continues with kidnapping and ends with waffles but hits on watching football, which when he says "football" he probably means "soccer" to you and me -- and his story continues the theme that if you're breaking the law and don't want to get caught... be careful:
... until my dad got caught speeding which meant the police found us.



OOPS: The Daily News' Tom Hoffarth, funny guy and great writer, dribbled out of bounds on this about the soon-to-be-renamed Reseda Post Office:
Have you heard about this well-intentioned UCLA alum who supposedly has so much free time working in the budget-strapped state legislature that he's able to push a bill through that'll eventually rename the post office in Reseda after the Bruins' legendary basketball coach John Wooden?

That alum is U.S. Congressman Brad Sherman, serving in federal government not the state... the federal government having jurisdiction over the U.S. Post Office.

Previously: Coverage, announcement,

WEBFIND: A bunch of Wooden links via UCLA Hoop Scoop.

G'day Reseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeda

WEBFIND: Yahoo Australia has an annotated list of links to about a brazillion California media sites. This one too. Search ResedaWeb, under R.

New Year with a bang

OOPS: Firefighters were responding to a West Hills address for a medical emergency Thursday. Sirens have a way of startling people who are breaking the law, in this case a Resedan. Via the LAFD News & Information blog:
According to the man's later statements, he had been handling a variety of fireworks, including some possibly modified devices, when they inadvertently discharged. He stated this happened when he was startled by the ambulance siren, which he believed may have been police officers coming for him.
Firefighters offered emotional support to the man while cleaning and dressing his wounds, which included an avulsion of the left thumb and small finger as well as significant tissue damage to that hand.

What's an avulsion? ::: Ed. note--- Ow! :::


Xcise that Xmas Tree, People

RECYCLING: A roundup of how to get rid of that highly flammable dead shrub is courtesy of LAist, where he notes of these entreprenuers. For the rest of us, the LA Bureau of Sanitation reminds: "Remove all decorations, tinsel and stand. Trees must be cut in half and placed in the green yard trimmings container at curb. Flocked trees can not be recycled. Cut flocked tree and place in black container."

As per this city site, Reseda apartment dwellers or homeowners without loppers can go to Chatsworth Park South, at 22360 Devonshire St., or Encino's Balboa Sports Center, 17015 Burbank Bl. The maps there aren't too specific about where in those sprawling parks the drop-off location will be. ::: Ed. note--- Look for signs.::: Call 800 587-3356 for info or the city services line, 311. Sites are open weekends only between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Jan. 7 and 8, and Jan. 14 and 15. :::Ed. note-- People with flocked trees and no loppers are reminded not to buy flocked trees.:::

I could have meant 'residua'

NO WEB FIND:ShutterStock stock photography has nothing in stock for "Reseda."
Did you mean reseed, reused, residua, reset, reside, recede, reseeds, resider, reeds, resend, rested, reseal, Reed, raised, reed, rester, roused, reread, resets, resews, rest?

They don't have anything on "residua" either.


Dog gone

MISSING: Brody, a male Maltese is missing for 11 days,

The site is meant to reunite lost dogs with the lost dog's owner via the finder or loser who posts at FidoFinder. In this case, someone in Reseda found a dog from Houston, Texas. Awaiting update.


Slamming dunks

LA TIMES: beat the Morning Briefing to the ball on the John Wooden Post Office story, they highlighting the Brad Sherman connection
Stamp of approval: During the time John Wooden was winning NCAA championships by the, yes, OK, bucketful at UCLA, Brad Sherman was a student on the Westwood campus.

Now, Sherman (D-Sherman Oaks) is in Congress, and he has introduced a bill to name the Reseda post office in Wooden's honor. "Should be a slam dunk," Sherman predicted.

::::Ed. note-- The last time a politician made news with the phrase "slam dunk" it was ex-CIA head George Tennant saying how assured they could be of evidence of weapoms of mass destruction. I can guess Sherman's assuredness is reflective of a greater certainty of result. ::::

Where in Reseda?

NEIGHBORS: Someone reading Here in Van Nuys thinks this pic is in Reseda, but it seems to me it's not. For the SavOn in the background to be what's now the site of the Country Club, this pic would have to be at Etiwanda Ave, looking west. From the corner now, on the right side of the street in the photo, is a 2 story office building, a huge catholic church, then the Jons (nee Vons) Market/multi-store shopping center set back from the street with parking in front.

Anyone have a better guess?


"The Holidays are Here...

NEIGHBORHOOD: ... and We're Still at War." Brett Dennen offers this Christmas song on a free download at his site. NPR did a report on him. He plays Wednesday in Laguna and Saturday, Jan. 7 at 8pm (info) at the Pickin Parlor, 17828 Chatsworth St., Granada Hills as part of the The Blue Ridge Pickin' Parlor - Acoustic Series. Tickets are $15, $10 in advance. For info, (818) 282-9001.

:::: Ed. note -- Song is as good a seasonal tune as any new song since "Do They Know it's Christmas," evoking the slice of life/capture the moment quality of the masterpiece pop tune "Boy in the Bubble" by Paul Simon. :::

Song ends with these poignant thoughts:
Say a prayer for the less fortunate;
Prisoners, soldiers you never have met
Understand what it is they are fighting for;
Say a prayer for your enemies,
A prayer for their victims and their families;
The holidays are here and we’re still at war.


::: Ed. note --- Best wishes :::

COHASSET St.: Lighting up Reseda, one Santa head at a time.


Newly Californicated

NEIGHBORS: Some people can live a lifetime in L.A. and miss the details of community that newbies see. Documenting the arrival of Gareth and Danya fresh from Winnipeg, Manitoba (that's in Canada, link is of a summer view), is the We's in California blog:
When we came we were expecting nothing but big box stores and fast food chains with little or no sense of community. It turns out that on every corner is at lesat 3 or 4 family owned businesses. Whenever we drive somewhere we notice an old breakfast joint or an independant donut shop that we simply must try out. It's actually quite encouraging. I think this is because a large part of the population here is second or even first generation immigrants and they are more imaginative and willing to take risks. I love it.

But they've already found the key to making L.A. workable-- Lessen your commute:
The company is growing like crazy and they're actually moving closer to where we live so it will only be about 20 minutes to work! That's unheard of by LA standards. Which are pretty low standards. For commuting.

Begun in November, it has the promise of acuity, found via Here in Van Nuys blog.


Nice Wang

BARGAIN CITY: Amy's Guide to All Things Bride blog
via Loehmann's trumpets:
In Manhattan, Beverly Hills, Reseda and North Miami only… Vera Wang bridesmaid and cocktail dresses!
Save over 85% off original retail prices on a limited selection of dresses. Shop early… many are one-of-a-kind and will not be repeated.
Only at Loehmann’s 49.99 to 149.99
(original retail price: $395 to $700)

How often do you see those 4 cities in a line together? Who's Vera Wang? She's opined on weddings.

I mean it's all true mostly, but... really... Van Nuys? ... I mean really ... Get real.

ONE TO THE CHIN: Blog Here in Van Nuys went harvesting CSUN's San Fernando Valley Issues Digital Library and found a cool shot of circa-'50s Reseda. He wrapped it in a harsh but apt slam on Reseda:
Yet 50 years later Reseda Boulevard is still a shabby, ugly, broken down street. The good thing is that cheap restaurants, bicycle stores, taco stands, vacuum repair outlets and pawn shops are also useful to earning a living.

It looks defensive to site the lack of taco stands and vacuum repair outlets on Reseda Boulevard.
Reseda once was the gateway for middle class families to buy a starter home and eventually move upwards and onwards. Now the starter home is half a million dollars. But Reseda Bouleveard looks like the main drag of a depressed area. Where are the leaders, the homeowners, the architects, the dreamers, the Mayor and the City Council who could turn this underutilized and wretched boulevard into a beautiful and aesthetic urban experience?

Actually, the CRA has the Reseda Theater rehab underway and soon the towers of powerlines will be gone as the overhead wiring goes underground. Things are changing. But it's harder when city attention is drawn just north, east, south and west of us (Northridge, Van Nuys, Tarzana, Canoga Park). Those folks about whom you ask, "Where are they?" Well, they're here. They could use your help.

Blogger Andrew, "that's Mr. Andrew to you," isn't afraid to show Van Nuys, warts and all. Archive has a similar (but different) Reseda photo, "Lots for sale to coloreds only." Pre-Bakke, obviously. But how's Reseda like something small and Swiss? :::: Ed. note-- Because we're cheesey and have all those holes? ::: He makes some other oblique comparisons too. But seems it's Tarzana that's hell on earth.


Oh "Boy"

BOOKS: "The Boy from Reseda" (pic here) is a book of poetry from Randy Stern from Autumbridge Media. He publishes his Randy's Little Corner of the 'Net blog where he discusses the book and promotional events and MotorGeek v2.0 blog of "News and Commentary for the GLBT Automotive Enthusiast." What's GLBT?

Previously: The O'Dooles of Reseda


Go Bruins

LANDMARKS: The Daily News reports the Reseda Post Office will soon be renamed for :::Ed. note-- indisputably ::: the best basketball coach ever and maybe the best player who ever became a great coach.

U.S. Rep. Brad Sherman, D - Sherman Oaks, introduced legislation to name the post office at 7320 Reseda Blvd. after Wooden, who led the UCLA Bruins to several Pac-10 and NCAA championships in the early 1970s. Sherman attended the University of California, Los Angeles, while Wooden was a coach there.

Several championships? Indeed (gif). As a college player, John Wooden averaged over 154 points in 12 games in '32. And as a pro, from '32-'37, made 138 straight free throws in games. As a coach, Wooden led the UCLA Bruins to 10 national championships, including seven in a row (1966-73) and with four perfect 30-0 seasons. They won 88 consecutive games (#2 on the list is hard to discover). So mythological is his record, authoritative(?) sources disagree on the number of Pac-10 (nee Pacific Coast Conference and Pac-8) wins. This site says both 19 & 20. It's 19.

Wooden, 95, has been Reseda-adjacent in Encino for the last three decades but Chick Hearn's name is on the Encino Post Office (hagiography here).
Wooden High is another Wooden in Reseda designation -- not a continuation school but a small learning community. ::: Ed note-- Whatever that is ::: Looks like this.

Wooden's particular about his name usage, in a dispute over the Wooden Award: "Wooden family agent Mark Humenik said the two sides differed over how Wooden should be able to use his name."

What do you have in your wallet?

WEBFIND: LAUSD construction projects database
Previously: The Reseda Post Office; Wooden High.



MAKING THE MEDIA: Reported by the Daily News' Holly J. Andres.
Take your time, be it work or pleasure, was the motto of Gordon "Gordy" Strange, a longtime Reseda resident who died Oct. 29 of emphysema. He was 77.
Helping others was the passion in the life of longtime Reseda resident Ruth Falkin, who died of cancer on Sept. 30 in Tarzana. She was 80.
The latter worked with Operation Gratitude, who send care packages to troops abroad. ::::: Ed. note -- Care! ::::


Motion picture theater still pictures, still

LANDMARKS: This great shot of seatbacks is among the series of images of the Reseda Theater and some anecdotes about getting in to photograph are by Scarletlark. Also, there's this awesome treated pic of the outside, with someone apparently cleaning off the marquee! Good thing there's a photo, or such an act could never be proven. Before digital technology, that look would be achieved with infared film (info for geeks; samples -- scroll down). Now, photoshop is the likeliest suspect. Photos hosted by Buzznet.

A rundown and background of the CRA's rehab (scroll down to Apr 4 post) of the the rundown theater (designed by S. Charles Lee)is at CinemaTreasures is following too; here too.


Reseda rocks

MUSIC: Back in the day, The Country Club was a live music venue as good as any in the city. Hard-rockers Manowar played there in '89. Photos (via photo host Webshots) uploaded to the web are by firehose16.


The Wright Place for Art


Designed by Lloyd Wright (son of legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright and a renowned architect himself), The Adams’ Mat House will have an Open House and Art Exhibit, October 1st and 2nd, on Saturday from noon to 7pm and on Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm, at 7400 Tampa Avenue (at Valerio St.), Reseda (cool view).

Paintings, sculpture and photographs will be available for sale. Additionally, proceeds from the sale of enhanced giclee prints of “A Long Row” (jpg pending) by Jim Hames will go to the Red Cross Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund. Created amid the first harrowing reports of the disaster on Tuesday, Sept. 6, the original is a multi-media work depicting a man rowing in the roiling water of a horizon-wide flood.

Architect Lloyd Wright is known for his Wayfarer's Chapel in San Pedro (known locally as a desired wedding location) and the original Hollywood Bowl.

Participating in the exhibit are Patrick Gothard, Jim Hames, Erin Hartnett, John C. Lewis, Alex McCrae and Claire Rydell; others may still be added.

The building is the home of Barbara Adams and is the community’s only L.A. historical/cultural landmark (declared 10-4-1996 as #629). Owner built in 1939, the home is a tiny (26’x26’) home designed in the Modern-style to suit the extremes of the San Fernando Valley climate. Diagonal placement of the structure on an east/west line, combined with a swooping bat-wing roof and deep overhangs, controls heat and light. The open floor plan flows around a central fireplace.

Location is across the street from the home studio of woodturner Mark Fitzsimmons, a participant in the Valley Artists Studio Tour which coincides with the WRIGHT PLACE FOR ART event. Even though the events are unrelated, attendees are encouraged to visit both sites.

Snacks and refreshments will be available.


Butterfly Festival poster entry display

POSTER DISPLAY: Entries for the BF'05 poster contest were on display Saturday and Sunday. Photos (1, 2, 3, 4)are on the pix page.

Butterfly Festival fatal accident

CARNIVAL: A carnival worker with Christiansen Amusements was killed while operating a ride. According to police at the scene, the ride operator was working in a "dug-out" compartment in the base of the ride, and when he went to exit the space attempting to time the ride's movements, he was hit by the moving parts. By appearances, it was the ride called Kamikazee that was the site of the fatality.
The Kamikazee is a ride passengers sit in one of the ride's two cars, each holding about a dozen people. The two cars move in opposite directions, swinging like a pendulum, higher and higher until the cross at the top -- riders suspended upside down-- as the cars go over the top at apogee and make a full circle. With the cars' counterweights moving in balance, there are four massive moving parts crossing at the elevated floor of the ride during each cycle of movement, with a dozen or two of those cycles in each patron's ride.


Dam water

WATER: The Sepulveda Dam Basin water outflow rate is recorded by the US Geological Survey. Compare this year's with the median rate averaged over 50 years, other water sites too.


Hey, I can see your house from here

WEB FIND: When you look at it from outer space, Reseda looks like the Center of the Universe. Fitting somehow.

Google (maybe you've heard of them) have added a sattelite photo function to their more graphically legible mapping search services than Yahoo! Maps or MapQuest (with their arbitrarily situated red stars).

Here's a mug shot of Reseda. Different than Terraserver, gets in closer than the free choices offered there and my house isn't on a seam. I still can't really tell the license plate of the truck in my parking spot though.

Que?: What sort of map makes the largest type Ex Mission de San Fernando? Typically, this type. And this looks like a cherry tomato on a dicondra lawn.
-- via Terraserver


It's called a boom like breaking a sound barrier

HOUSING: DataQuick real estate news compiles the LA Times' home sales data, monthly and divided by zip code. House and condo prices in 91335 trend up, and the number of sales is up from Feb.
Sales of Single Family Homes...85, nearly double Feb.'s 48, which was down from 55 in Jan.
Median Price: Single Family Homes...$473,000 a steady increase from Feb.'s $450,000, a continued increase from Jan.'s $438,000
Price % Chg from Feb. '04...31.3% is swinging up from the previous month's 25%, down from Jan.'s 26.2 increase of '04%
Sales Count of Condos...23 steps up from Feb.'s 18, a dip from 25 in Jan.
Median Price: Condos...$315,000 removes previous gains of $345,000 in Feb. and Jan.'s $335,000
Price % Chg from Feb. '04...13% from a year ago trends down from the previous month of 32.1%, ticking up from the Jan.'s 31.4% increase from '04
Median Home Price per Sq. Ft...$351 about halves the Feb. increase of $345 over Jan.'s rate of $337
via the Times:
Although not on a par with the record-breaking pace of early 2004, the number of home sales across the board is "way above the norm," said John Karevoll, chief analyst at DataQuick Information Systems

Speaking of that, this:
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At your disposal

HAZARDOUS WASTE: Bring them your tired computers, your huddled masses of old printers and fax machines, yearning to bypass a landfill. The LA City Bureau of Sanitation has a roving hazardous material drop-off program for residents. It's coming to CSUN this Saturday and Sunday.

What's the big deal?:
Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT's) are the picture tubes in computer monitors and TV's. ... Each year, an estimated six million CRT's are discarded in California. A typical 17-inch CRT contains approximately two pounds of lead. Larger CRT's may contain up to ten pounds of lead. Lead is a known toxic substance and disposal of CRT's in landfills can cause the pollution of soil and groundwater. California's Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) has declared that CRT's are banned from disposal in landfills.

Typically, Valley residents would have to haul their waste to Sun Valley on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday; businesses can make an appointment for the 4th Wednesday of each month.
Be smart in packing:
Residents are limited to a total of six pieces per visit to a SAFE Center. Of the six pieces, no more than two pieces can be CRT-related. Small items (mouses, cables, modems, cell phones, etc.) can be packed in a carton box and that carton will be considered one item.


Reseda dump

CLEANUP: The LAPD Police Activities League Supporters and Reseda Chamber of Commerce office spent a couple weeks holding on to their old furniture, if by "holding on" one means "dumping in the alley right by a sign that says not to." This pile was removed on Apr 12, '05, after loitering for at least 2 weeks.
:::::Ed.note-- Sitting behind offices of a chamber of commerce and an LAPD-sponsored organization. Appalling.:::::


For whom the bell tolls

FROM THE STACKS: The opening sentence in the William Carlos Williams poem "The Catholic Bells" speaks to life and the new, and death and the done.

Tho' I'm no Catholic
I listen hard when the bells
in the yellow-brick tower
of their new church

ring down the leaves
ring in the frost upon them
and the death of the flowers
ring out the grackle

toward the south, the sky
darkened by them, ring in
the new baby of Mr. and Mrs.
Krantz which cannot

for the fat of its cheeks
open well its eyes, ring out
the parrot under its hood
jealous of the child

ring in Sunday morning
and old age which adds as it
takes away.

Via Univeristy of Pennsylvania